Wednesday, August 31, 2011

U is for Understanding

***"Getting to know you.  Getting to know all about you!"  This catchy tune from "The King and I" reminds me of our Teach Preschool's 'Letter U' segment, UNDERSTANDING.  As passionate, loving and caring educators, we not only encourage our students to learn and respect their peers, but, where would WE ALL be without understanding and respecting our very own colleagues and co-workers.  By understanding the children and our peers, we all stretch ourselves to create, implement and provide a nurturing unity amongst all of us.  Honestly, I can say each article, comment and new friend from Teach Preschool, has opened my eyes and continues to make a difference for new ideas and ways of teaching and respecting my fellow peers.  "Haven't you noticed suddenly i'm bright and breezy?  Because of all the beautiful and new things i'm learning about you day by day."***

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  1. We do need to respect and support each other - I am feeling all bright and breezy too right now!!