Friday, September 30, 2011

L is for Leaf!

Finally, fall is here!  What better way to learn about seasons and the letter 'L' than making decorative leaves!  My kids have all enjoyed helping decorate and this project is a great fine motor, artistic activity where they can integrate phonics learnig with the letter L and you can incorporate using your state tree leaves for them to decorate and learn about their own geography at the same time!  All you need is wax paper or contact paper, colored tissue paper, scissors and we used some glue and an iron to press the wax paper.  Happy Fall!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

***NO More Boredom with Shape Learning!**

***KIDS LOVE GEOBOARDS!!  An excellent way to learn shapes, geometry concepts and color recognition for colored rubber bands!  I found this particular geoboard at our library and they are available at the website   These are VERY DURABLE and worth every cent!  My kids love using these and learning!***

Monday, September 19, 2011

**Cherri-0 Counting Fun for Fall!**

**Another use for a game!  We took the cherries from the prek game and my little star took a pitcher and sorting container to count out cherries.  Next we plan on using the different colored cherries to sort out colors and will cut out construction paper apples and tape to bottom of sorting container so they can sort out their colored cherries.  Happy Cherry Counting!**

Edible Apple Stamping Art

**What do you get when you put powdered punch mix, water, flour and apples together?  A really yummy art project!  Put powdered punch mix in a bowl with some water, a little flour to thicken it up a bit and then take an apple, cut it in half and you have red 'paint' for your apple stampers!  Happy Back 2 School and Fall Time!**

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sensational Salt!

***Have a child that DOESN'T want to write their name or even try writing?  Those that struggle with fine motor and some learning challenges are more enabled to get involved when the activity looks more 'fun' than paper and pencil writing.  Salt and shaving cream in trays work wonders and when you add a little food coloring......LOOK OUT!  It's a mad dash for their fingers to get in those trays!**