Wednesday, August 31, 2011

U is for Understanding

***"Getting to know you.  Getting to know all about you!"  This catchy tune from "The King and I" reminds me of our Teach Preschool's 'Letter U' segment, UNDERSTANDING.  As passionate, loving and caring educators, we not only encourage our students to learn and respect their peers, but, where would WE ALL be without understanding and respecting our very own colleagues and co-workers.  By understanding the children and our peers, we all stretch ourselves to create, implement and provide a nurturing unity amongst all of us.  Honestly, I can say each article, comment and new friend from Teach Preschool, has opened my eyes and continues to make a difference for new ideas and ways of teaching and respecting my fellow peers.  "Haven't you noticed suddenly i'm bright and breezy?  Because of all the beautiful and new things i'm learning about you day by day."***

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Making Memories with Boxes!

**Have Your Students' Memories Last!  To end our year together, we got out the tissue boxes, glitter, felt letters, glue, paper, crayons/colored pencils and had a blast down memory lane as each child drew pictures of their favorite times here and we put them in their own memory box.  Way to make happy times last!**

Monday, August 15, 2011

Color Sorting Sensory Fun!

**What do you get when you put a bunch of colored pom poms and a large egg carton together??  A super cool, fun, sensory, color matching activity!  My preschoolers LOVED figuring and counting out their pom poms; plus sorting them into their proper containers.  Best part of it, I didn't have to instruct them on what to do!  They counted and sorted on their own:)**

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flashlight Fun Making Stars!

**Flashlight Day for Our Camping Unit!  The students each got to bring a flashlight and we used plastic lids, cut/poked holes in the lid, put them over the flashlights to create stars.  One of our flashlights had colored gels on them to change colors too!**

Sensation Sensory Break with Homemade Playdoh!

**What happens when you take a cup of flour, one fourth cup of salt and water and mix in some food coloring or Kool Aid mix?  Some fun Homemade Playdoh!!!  The students get to use all the ingredients, measure and pour them in.  Each one got to pick out which colors they wanted for their playdoh and I used plastic, sandwich baggies to knead in the food coloring with the dough.  Excellent for math skills, fine motor and sensory breaks!**

Campfire Crafting Fun!

**Kids really enjoyed making their own campfires to take home!  We used toilet/paper towel rolls, glued them together, and folded up yellow and red tissue paper for their flames.  Stars were smokin' with this craft!

Camping, Cooking Outdoors=Good Times with Good Learning!

A Camping We Will Go...!  This week, the shining stars built tents indoors and outdoors, roasted marshmallows and learned about fire safety around a campfire.  They even boogied to their new camping song by Miss Teri, "Vamos a la Tienda!"