Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Transition Time!

Ever get the holiday blah feeling after all the gatherings all over and you look around to big mess?  How does your child(ren) handle the transition?  Here are some helpful tips for you as the parent and the kids!
1.  Make a Plan
Plan the day you and the family will take down all the decorations and have the kids help get out boxes, put items in boxes.  Discuss with your kids their favorite parts of the holidays and think of ideas for the upcoming year!  Remember their goal cannisters?  You can continue to add pictures and ideas in them, or, even make one for yourself!
2.  Prepare a Family Favorite Meal
Gathering at the table for meals with the kids is very important and emphasizes the family values.  It also will help keep emotions in perspective to treasure the times of being together while you still can.
3.  Get excited for the next holidays approaching!
There are many different days and holidays approaching; even after New Years.  You can do google searches and even check out under the holiday section and scroll down because there are many "special days", birthdays and other holidays that you not only can learn about, but have your kids get excited and involved in.  Dltk's site also has many craft ideas to do with your family so all of you can look forward to the remainder of each winter month.
4.  Take Time for You
You always feel better when you are able to spend some "quiet time" and "quality time" with yourself or your spouse.  The saying is true, "When Momma ain't happy, nobody's happy!"  Keeping active and getting some time for yourself will help recharge your spirit and in turn, your kids will feel better too.
Enjoy This Winter Season!

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